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Ceilings the ART print- any pictures 

 Production and installation 

Our ceilings waterproof !

More 300 colors and textures 

European quality

10 years warranty after installation !

Popular stretch ceilings:

Ceilings the ART print- any picture

sky ceilings - with remote control

Translucent stretch ceilings

Glossy ceiling

Satin ceiling

Acoustic ceilings 

Exhibition ceilings 

Translucent stretch ceilings -any size and shape

Lighting solutions - lamps of any sizes 

And forms

Starry sky ceilings - with remote control 

Our company will surprise you with stretch ceilings “star sky”, accompanied by various glowing elements. The "star sky" ceiling can appeal to any urban resident that cannot stargaze as often as they would like. 


Stretch ceiling stylish and original, sleek and visible, expressive and strict, it can be any, while it can change the mood of the room and make it a model of designer art.

Last Projects

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